2045 Museum of AGI

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In early 2022, Paul Mazurkiewicz, Raimondas Lencevicius, Theresa Lemieux, and I submitted an entry for the Future of Life Institute World Building Competition. For the competition, we were challenged to develop a timeline of global and technological events that would lead to an optimistic future in the year 2045, alongside two short stories and a creative media piece depicting the future world we envisioned. My primary role in the project was to develop a creative media piece for the submission. After iterating on the concept with the team, we developed an interactive 2045 Museum of AGI using the Unity 3D game engine, Blender, and Mona Spaces for hosting the project.

Try the space yourself!

Visit the 2045 Museum of AGI or check out a video of the experience below!

To develop the experience, I modelled the architecture of the space and the four museum artifacts in Blender. Meanwhile, scene decorations and materials were imported into the project to fill the space. Some early sketches and renders of the concepts can be found below.