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Labcoat™ is a digital health platform that provides easy, real-time collaboration between patients and their clinical providers.

Digital health is the integration of digital and biological data to improve health, healthcare, living, and society. Digital health empowers individuals to better track, manage, and improve their own and other’s health; live better, more productive lives, and improve society.

By harnessing patient power, Labcoat™ has the potential to reduce the number of ER visits, readmissions and length of readmission by acting earlier, in addition to giving patients agency to drive their own care and enable clinicians to support that. Personal and precision care. – eXDee

As the product designer, and front end iOS developer for the project, I saw the product though from start to finish. During the initial design phase, careful consideration was taken to ensure that patients of all ages could use the app without the need for laborious credential steps. Physicians could compile a set of surveys for their study on the web, then provide patients with a short “Lab Code” to grant access to an anonymized questionnaire generated by ResearchKit on the app. For patients, a timeline view of each survey provides an at-a-glace overview of their progress in the study, as well as quick access to the study details. After iterating on some initial mockups of the app, I developed a UI shell of the app, as seen in this early walkthrough video below.

I began designing Labcoat’s app icon by sketching out a wide variety of concepts, then made a few early digital designs before arriving at the final design.



The app icon is literally designed to look like a lab coat, with app-theme colored cards in the pocket.


Labcoat App Icon

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