Popularity of Lego Part Colours in All Sets

I began by creating a simple bar graph visualization comparing colour vs the number of parts in all sets using that colour. I was surprised to find an incredibly large gap between parts used by different colours. In all Lego sets, some parts were only used twice, while others were used over 800,000 times! Due to the wide range in part count, a log scale was used along the x-axis. This gap could impose a similar problem in my own visualization as it can be a challenge comparing 2 pieces to 800,000 effectively. Log scales are incredibly useful for visualization experts, however can be a challenge for some novice viewers. Another interesting take away from this graph is that some colours have been virtually used zero times in a set. Perhaps these colours never made it to market, or the set is missing from Rebrickable’s database. Either way, these colours will probably not make it into the final visualization.

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