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As part of an iOS development course, my team and I created a Schedule Builder app in Xcode for iPhone using Swift. The app was designed to assist university students with building their schedules each semester and make it easier to discover relevant courses offered. I took an unofficial front-end design role in the group and handled a large amount of the app’s UI while designing expressive Keynote presentations for class.

The initial sketch of the app contained many of the core features that were added in the final prototype. All sketches were created in Pages.

After receiving feedback from industry experts, the app went through a re-design process to better fit the iOS platform.

For this semester, the group decided to focus on the core three tabs of the app: Courses, Schedules, and Favourites. In this alpha version of the app, schedules are automatically generated based on favourited courses.

This project is no longer actively being developed.

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