Featured in UToday This app could help you become the next Drake.

During a 4 month summer entrepreneurial program at Platform Calgary, funded through a graduate scholarship from the University of Calgary, I developed a creative technology company from the ground up to help musicians remix songs more easily. Using machine learning, the app concept enables music producers to separate individual instruments from a mastered track, making it easier for them to sample entirely new parts of songs.

After discussing this source separation challenge with dozens of producers, I created an early prototype of the app on the web and then posted it to a popular music production subreddit where the response was incredibly positive.

Mockups of the app were created in Sketch, and the site itself was built from the ground up using many pure web technologies including HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and Node.js. Over the next few months, the machine learning side of the project will continue to be developed out even further before the app’s expected full release in early 2020.

Prototype Screenshots

More Early Concepts & Mockups

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