VoiceFIT Creator

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Available on the iOS App Store

In a collaboration with voice performance coach Tamara Beatty, we designed and developed VoiceFIT Creator as a fantastic introduction for artists seeking to customize their own vocal workouts and training. Whether you’re a singer starting out, an artist on tour, or a voice coach, you can create your own custom voice training workouts and add to the collection of scales and tips to further tailor exercise programs to suit your individual needs. VoiceFIT Creator offers high quality, customizable, and professional voice training. Not all training is created equally. It must be carefully crafted to fit your needs to maximize the performance of your voice. 

VoiceFIT Creator is equipped with 4 stock training programs, 15 VoiceFIT tips, and 80 scales (40 female/40 male) – just the right amount and type to get started building your own programs. Change various aspects of any program you create, including the range, syllable type, and the target gender of the program. Scales included in the app can be played as an isolated piano track or with a range of syllable options. Future versions of the app will offer content packs of additional scales, levels/ranges, VoiceFIT tips, and stock programs that you can use as templates to customize your own programs.

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