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A patient-driven healthcare experience scorecard to rate hospitals, clinics and, eventually, other facets of healthcare. Uses a Net Promoter Score – to crisply demonstrate institutional care quality, helpfulness and satisfaction. Clients as patients approach will create transparent quality and outcome improvement.eXDee

As the front end developer of the project at eXDee, I made use of ResearchKit’s built in survey system to chain together the interface for a digital healthcare rating system.

For the app icon, a design goal was it to be reminiscent of the Health app on iOS, but also convey the survey-like structure and flow of the app inside. Some initial sketches and ideas:


Some more iterations of digital designs:

CareCard App Icon

The final app logo above makes use of a red background, similar to the heath app, and a white card in positioned the centre. A more narrow card (vs the square card in the fifth iteration of the icon above) was used as this shape is closer to the shape of the screens appearing in the app itself. Like the Health app on iOS, the heart symbolizes health. Unique to the CareCard icon however, the heart is made up of two location pin shapes as a call back to how this app is used to rate your experience at a specific healthcare location. Finally, the three lines at the bottom move from left to right, similar to how the navigation controller pushes new screens into view throughout the rating experience.

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