dew.™ is a revolutionary app which allows users to improve their mental health by collecting easily accessible, interpretable and actionable data.

Using validated mental health questionnaires and powerful data analytics, users are able to gather high resolution data over time to identify and compare live events to changes in their mental health.

dew. assists users in self-reliance techniques and skills with the ability to share progress with trusted social supporters (family, friends, mentors, others) and professional support, including therapeutic programs if necessary. 

Daily dew. data acquisition allows the identification of trends, acting as an distant early warning system to prevent crisis before it happens.


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As the user experience designer and iOS front end developer for the project, I created various iterations of mockups for the project then implemented the final design in code. I also had the chance to develop part of the Android UI in collaboration with other team members at eXDee, iteratively design the App Icon, and develop various marketing materials. This app is still being actively developed today with many more features and design improvements to come!

Originally, the app was created using Apple’s ResearchKit and CareKit:

Some early mockups of the app:

An animated version of the custom app design, created in Keynote:

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