During my time at eXDee, I redesigned our original dew. mental health app from the ground up to bring real world activities into the foreground of personal mental health care. Unlike dew., which had a focus on mental health surveys and correlations with environmental data, MindPath suggests daily, localized, activities for individuals based on their personal interests and current mental wellness. While the full project was never released to the App Store, the video of the app above was the final UI prototype I developed in Swift. No third party frameworks were used in the development of this app.

Early Concepts

MindPath’s primary target demographic was teens and young adults. For this reason, a brighter colors palette and animated design language was used throughout. An unconventional navigation scheme was also used in the app, similar to how popular social media apps such as Snapchat were designed at the time. These initial concepts put activities at the heart of the app, and encouraged the check-in of various activities each day. They also included a robust visualization section of the checkins performed by individuals using the app.

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