For the Monaverse Renaissance Buildathon, Paxton Porter and I developed Skyline Relics, winning the Creator Prize and Interactivity Prize in the competition. High up above the clouds, Skyline Relics provides a nurturing space to socialize with friends and host a spectrum of events. As the grid floor dynamically shifts between stage layouts, hosts can present content on jumbotrons. Visit Skyline Relics on desktop web browser to try the space out yourself!

My primary contribution to this project was creating the shape display-inspired area floor, setting up interactions in Unity, and supporting some of the project’s 3D modelling needs. By stepping onto buttons in the scene, viewers can control the shape shifting floor dynamically control different stage layouts that suit a variety of different events. Below are the the final layouts we included in the space:

Here are also some early sketches and renders I developed throughout the project!